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Now I know a little bit more about the name "Ciari". In Italy there are 110 Ciari families all around, whose the most of them are living in Tuscany; therefore, the first Ciari in the world probably come from Tuscany ! We have some news from Ciari families moving from Florence to Farnocchia-Stazzema (Lucca) about in XVI century. By now there is a part of Farnocchia houses named "Il Ciari".
Now we can find more Ciari's in the Florence area and in Lucca and Pisa province. There are Ciari's in Torino, Milan, Rome and in other main italian cities. Moreover, you can find Ciari's in Holland, England, USA and Argentina. Sometimes I receive emails from people looking for their name story, and this page could be a little aid for all Ciari's in the world.
The ethimology of "ciari" could be a kind of suffix about makers (like "..ers" in english) of something. In Italy there are names as Fornaciari (furnace workers), Stracciari (ragmen), Cacciari, Nuciari, and Ciari could have been a contraction of these. Another interpretation is the "chiari" root ("clear" in english), where Ciari is the contraction of chiari in venetian dialect.

Let's talk about famous Ciari's: one is Claude Ciari, a french guitarist, now about sixty y.o., still playing and making records. The other one is Bruno Ciari, my father, teacher, pedagogyst, writer, dead at 47 in 1970. You can find more information about them on (for Claude) and or Scuola Ciari (for Bruno), as well on his page on this site. Another Ciari around is Carla Ciari in Holland.

Anytime I find something interesting about our name I'll put it into this.
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